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Exformatics is ECM and much more

Exformatics provides a standard software solution for intelligent information handling. The process supporting solution provides companies and organisations with the opportunity to organise all types of information via one interface. 

The core of the software solution is Exformatics ECM. The unique architecture is re-used in all functionalities within the ECM solution.

For a brief overview, please read the information below about Exformatics ECM, Project Management, Activity Management, Template Management, Quality Management, Service Management/Help Desk, Idea Management, etc. here:

Enterprise content management (ECM)

Exformatics ECM gathers and organises information. ECM structures activities and digitises business processes. It provides a unique information overview and serves as a platform to increase employees' efficiency.

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Exformatics ECM is a multi tool for SharePoint

Project Management

Exformatics ensures that projects reach their target. The Project Management solution from Exformatics provides a complete overview of tasks, key persons, resources, time consumption and deadlines.

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 Keep in control with Exformatics Project Management for SharePoint

Activity Management

Exformatics Activity Management puts an end to endless rush e-mails and activities for which nobody seems to be responsible. Exformatics provides advanced Activity Management to track all persons and tasks involved.

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 Stay focused on deadlines and tasks with Activity and case management from Exformatics

Quality Management

Exformatics offers a new way to work with Quality Management. Exformatics ECM facilitates Quality Management in an easy way in well-known IT environments such as Microsoft Office. Solutions from Exformatics meet the standards in both the private and public sectors.

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 Quality Management for SharePoint with Exformatics

Template Management

Administration of Office templates and standard phrases has never been simpler than with a Template Management solution from Exformatics. The Exformatics Template Management solution eradicates all previous concerns about who holds the latest version of a document etc.

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 Template management with Exformatics

Service Management and Helpdesk

Service Management solutions from Exformatics collect customer details and background information, and enable our customers to provide the best possible service from one single portal solution.

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 Service Management and Help Desk solutions for SharePoint

Idea Management

With the Exfomatics Idea Management solution ideas created within the organisation are gathered and systemised. Today, only a few organisations have an Idea Management tool to develop new ideas. With Idea Management from Exformatics, ideas can be arranged and developed.

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Idea management with Exformatics


Information about ECM

Learn more about Exformatics ECM for Microsoft SharePoint - click on the frontpage here to download PDF.

 Frontpage of Exformatics ECM brochure

full overview 

Get the full overview of solutions from Exformatics here.

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