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Boost social business and knowledge sharing with chat

Social business is booming and companies all over the world is starting to reap the benefits of the mixture of social media and business applications such as ECM solutions and intranets.

Chat, share knowledge, get social with activity streamsWith Exformatics, knowledge sharing, efficiency and focus on progress reach new heights in businesses today. Short, to-the-point messages are easily typed and shared within a certain business context – e.g. in an activity, in correlation to a customer in the CRM or even in an employee case from coworker to coworker. This way, knowledge is shared more rapidly without context switching, and the message, comment, hyperlink etc. is stored forever in the right context.

The Yammer and Facebook-like updates in Exformatics ECM solutions are called activity streams. The activity streams are a replacement for a lot of the endless email correspondence, cc-mails. Here is only one message needed to pass on knowledge, pictures, links or questions.

The activity streams are also a key function of the mobile ECM app for SharePoint developed by Exformatics – Anywhere. Again, the activity streams let knowledge workers collaborate and communicate in a simple manner, all in a related context – also on the move from your smartphone or tablet.

Activity streams work in the same way as we know it from social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Type your message, add links, pictures etc. In a few seconds, you have shared your knowledge with the colleagues – without spamming their inbox and disrupting their work.

Comments in the activity stream are show with name of the sender, picture, link to the activity where the comment is posted, time of posting and quick response buttons such as ‘like’.

Key benefits with social business and activity streams in Exformatics

  • Get freed from the endless amounts of emails. Send short messages, comments, hyperlinks and tasks via the activity stream.
  • Share knowledge across the entire organisation – or to individual colleagues or departments.
  • Keep everyone updated on latest developments and status in projects etc.
  • Add your comments and ideas to activities, cases, projects, customers and more.
  • Get feedback on your activities, latest sales etc.
  • See other profiles, what are your colleagues doing, interested in.
Want to know more? You can read more about Exformatics Anywhere, the mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Information about ECM

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How we define ECM

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