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Idea Management – shape and develop innovation

Idea Management in SharePoint with ExformaticsIdea Management and knowledge sharing is made easy with Exformatics’ innovation portal for Microsoft SharePoint.

Thousands of ideas are generated on a daily basis in businesses worldwide. The vast majority are lost and only a few grow to become a success and contribute to the company's level of innovation and bottom line.

In order to develop the ideas generated across the organisation, they must be collected and refined. Idea Management from Exformatics is all about simplifying the generation and development of ideas. 

Once ideas are digitised, the idea management system from Exformatics enables organisations to categorise the ideas for further improvement.

Idea Management from Exformatics structures idea development in an easy-to-manage solution, facilitating a richer and more transparent innovation process. This is achieved by categorising ideas, associating keywords and combining ideas similar to each other. The process is made simple and structured through a predefined workflow, linking each idea to the proper person responsible and department.

Features in Exformatics Idea Management:

Få 360-graders overblik med Exformatics ESDH

360-degree overview of ideas and development.

Dashboard view of deadlines and progress

Complete dashboard view of deadlines and progress within the organization.

Easy digital approval

Easy management of internal approval processes.

Exformatics Templates integrerer også til andre ESDH-løsninger - til glæde for medarbejderne

Rewards for inventive employees.

Full transparency Full transparency including contacts, key personnel and decision-makers across organization.




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